Modern IKEA Finds

One of my friends texted me the other night: “Heading to Seattle this weekend with an IKEA visit. Let me know if you want anything there.”  It’s a potentially lethal text  (to my bank account that is), but super sweet.  I think offers to pick up something from IKEA is my love language. Just kidding. Kind of.  Anyway, it got me thinking: what would I want from IKEA? 

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Toy Storage Ideas – Stylish Ways to Hide Toys

toy storage ideas, dining room, baskets

So you love interior design and creating a beautiful home that reflects your style.  Then you had a kid.  And then another.  And maybe even a couple more.  And you realized how much stuff comes with those sweet babes!  Every time I have a baby, I think to myself “how can such a tiny human being require so much?”  And it’s all so big!!  Of course, that baby swing, bouncy chair, bumbo, and play gym are not absolute necessities, but try telling that to a mom who just wants to be hands free for a few minutes to make a bite to eat or take a quick shower.  Believe me, I get it! I am very much in the thick of that myself.  I’m not here to address those items, because really, they are only used for a few months and then we all move on. It’s once the kid gets older that makes me crazy.  They just accumulate so.much.stuff.   And try as we might to control it, we still end up with bins and bins of stuff.

It’s inevitable.  It will happen.  Yes, it’s important to purge – I try to a few times a year, and in fact, I am in a deep purge right now. Yes, we can limit the amount of toys that come into our house.  There are lots of good strategies out there for those things, but what I want to talk about today are toy storage ideas.  How do we incorporate toys into our interior design style and the home decor items that we love? 

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Friday Finds | 3.2.2018

Well, it is officially the weekend! This week’s Friday Finds have found their way to Saturday.  Better late than never right?  I’ve been flying solo this week with my husband out of town, so things are a little out of whack around here, but there is extra grace all around (think Costco dinners. movie nights and slumber parties). We are all missing daddy, but hopefully the kids will remember that we had a lot of fun together too. 🙂

I’ve been knee-deep in homeschooling, parenting and trying to squeeze in some back end business stuff, but I still managed to find some inspiration around the web. Grab a cup of coffee and dive in! 

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Front Door Refresh – Some Designer Tips and the Mistake I know Better Than to Make!

front door, makeover, color, interior design

This summer I got an inkling to change up our front door. Painting it green was the first thing I did to this house – it was quick, simple and made me feel like I was making this place into our own home. That was 4 years ago and I was definitely ready for a change. I was thinking about a light blue or mint green, I may have even mentioned fuschia! But then I came across this photo via Design Sponge and I knew right away it was the color I wanted to use!

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Friday Finds | 2.16.2018

Happy Friday! Did you all have a good Valentine’s Day? My husband and I were reflecting at how much more we enjoy the holiday now that we have kids. It is so much more fun to spend our time together as a family and celebrate how much we love each other. Our kids were so into it this year – they were making cards and presents for us and each other all day and really working hard at showing each other love through their actions and words. We have a loooooong way to go in this area (it truly is a lifelong pursuit, isn’t it?), but it was fun to have a day of celebration when they actually wanted to practice loving. 😉

I’ve rounded up some fun things for this week’s Friday Finds. Enjoy!

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